Edge networks

Most projects at Elintrix require a radio-enabled data-link. Part of our core expertise can be found in the successful design and implementation of Software Defined Radio (SDR) devices and networks. Our SDR expertise allows us to work independently or collaboratively with your team.

Under contracts awarded by the U.S. Army, U.S. Department of Energy, and others, Elintrix has conceptualized, designed, constructed and field-tested a variety of radio-system elements, including complete system solutions that include applications underpinned by sophisticated, data analytics:

Functional expertise

  • Physical layer, network layer, and application layer designs
  • Complete, scratch-built, mobile, SDR units
  • Wireless, self-configuring, self-healing, ad hoc networks
  • Body-worn radios
  • Squad-area radio networks
  • Body-area networks
  • Radio repeaters
  • Radio-links to tablets with custom-built instructor-applications
  • PC-mounted applications for data storage, retrieval, analysis and display