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We use the science of signals to boost the performance of sensor systems.

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What we do

We design sensor solutions using our catalog of intellectual property. Whether you need a scratch-built solution, help optimizing a component, or an extra set of hands for system-level testing, our rigoruous system's-level approach will accelerate your development cycle.


We've integrated a wide variety of sensing technology into platforms we've worked on including strain gages, accelerometers, current transformers, metal-oxide, porous-silicon, glucose, heart rate monitors, etc.


From circuit design to schematic capture/layout, we use a variety of open source and professional tools to bring ideas to life.


Software defined radio design is in our company DNA. We've conceptualized, designed, constructed, and field tested complete systems consisting of mobile body-worn transceivers, wireless self-configuring/self-healing ad-hoc networks - underpinned by purpose-built analytics.

Signal Processing

Implementing efficient digital signal processing and control algorithms are critical. Using a "channel-first" approach, we know the right design methods and architectures to use in any situation.

Application Development

We engineer user-facing applications that convert sensor data into situational awareness.