What we’re about

Elintrix was established in 2000, with the aim of using scientific, engineering and technological know-how to address challenges for the U.S. government and private-sector. We also conduct independent and funded research in areas of interest to us.

We are experienced in collaborations with major universities and have formed a variety of multidisciplinary teams to successfully address challenges arising in specialized areas.

We have worked with several government agencies, leading corporations in the defense and energy sectors, and innovative medical device companies.

Because our projects frequently involve research, we are constantly building new skills and increasing our ability to innovate.

Elintrix’s engineers and scientists are experts in their respective disciplines. Using sound principles and proven concepts, Elintrix provides exceptional skills and knowledge for every project it takes on.

Notable Projects

  • Body-worn mobile network for monitoring the health of U.S. Army trainees
  • Biology-inspired chemical detector arrays using signal processing and machine-learning
  • Sensing and analytics for smart medical devices
  • Interrogation and signal-analysis technology for the smart-grid