Advanced Relay Protection for Wildfire Prevention

Tackling wildfire mitigation with a DOE-funded system for rapid detection of powerline faults. The system features custom instrumentation, patented fault-localization algorithms, and a novel waveform obfuscation technique for cyber-interference defense.

chemical sensing image

Advanced Wearable Chemical Sensor Development

Developed a wearable chemical sensor using micro-porous, silicon, photonic crystals for multi-analyte detection in turbulent gas streams. Traditional functionalization methods proved insufficient, leading Elintrix to successfully use a machine learning workflow.

patent image

Competitive Analysis and Patent Insight Discovery

Successfully analyzed a complex competitor device, overcoming challenges that stumped others. We went a step further - our in-depth power consumption analysis uncovered potential patent violations.

motor image

Digital Twin for Army Corps of Engineers Gear Monitoring

Advancing machinery monitoring with a digital twin solution for the Army Corps of Engineers. We’re integrating multiple sensor inputs, applying data analysis, and developing interrogation methods to extract actionable insights on the operational condition of a large gear train.

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Low-Power Body-Coupled Communication System

Designed a low-power communication link using the human body as a dielectric for capacitive antenna coupling. Our custom modulator/demodulator design, antenna optimization, and system integration enabled successful data transfer with minimal off-body radiation.

Multi-Physics Simulation Tool for Chemical-Generation System Design

Built a custom multi-physics simulation tool incorporating electromagnetic, chemical, mechanical, and thermal modeling. This software predicted time-evolving performance characteristics, empowering the client to design a superior chemical-generation system on their first attempt.

SPARNET: Wearable Sensor Network for Warfighters

Developed SPARNET, a robust body-worn sensor network designed for harsh training environments. This system features custom radios, network repeaters, a self-healing network layer, and monitoring applications.

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Structural Health Monitoring for Prosthetics

Pioneered Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) for prosthetics, leading to an ONR workshop and subsequent funded research. In collaboration with medical and academic leaders, we developed a risk-based strategy and software tool for optimal sensor placement on osseo-integrated implants.